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Receive the clarity, motivation and vision on how your soul wants to be of service to the world

You decided to have a human experience but sometimes the uncertainty of what this experience is supposed to look like can create overwhelm and anxiety.


These constant frustrations create resistance in many elements of our life and become a constant stressors in our bodies in addition to impacting our mental health.


Human Design is your unique roadmap of WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO and HOW to achieve it!

It's a personalised road map to remove commonly felt frustrations using a blend of four ancient systems of wisdom (Hindu chakras, Chinese I-Ching, Kabbalah Tree of Life and Astrology) supported by science from genetics and a particular understanding of physics.

There are five types of human design:

  • Generators are here to build
  • Projectors are here to know and guide others
  • Manifestors are here to initiate
  • Manifestor-Generators are here to build and to initiate
  • Reflectors are here to hold up a mirror to others around them

  • How ideas come to you (crown/anja)
  • Your communication style (throat)
  • Love and identity (g centre)
  • Motivation (ego)
  • Emotional management (solar plexus)
  • Intuition (spleen)
  • Desires (sacral
  • Pressures (root)

Using your date of birth, their time of birth and place of birth, your chart reading will give you more clarity on how to maximise what your gifts are, nutritional needs, relationship requirements and what you are here to do.

The secret to your success is to be who you are supposed to be, and embrace your unique gifts, whilst letting go of our conditioning from our parents, society and our environment so you can be valued more!

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What you'll receive during your
Human Design session
  • 90 minute reading
  • Identification of your human design chart
  • Breakdown of your type
  • Understanding of the authority to make decisions
  • Explanation of your profile
  • Defining your purpose
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