Want more energy and confidence without spending countless hours trying to figure out nutrition and exercise plans on your own?
My coaching programs provide you one-on-one support and accountability to achieve your health goals!
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Ready to unleash bounds of energy, feel lighter and have confidence in your day to day choices but you have no idea about personalised nutrition, gut health, brain fog, inner work and chronic fatigue?

My roadmap serves as a guide to help you where to start your journey based on what your priority health goals are.
Here's How I Can Help You:
Whether you prefer to learn solo and move forward at your own pace, or you're seeking my 1:1 personal guidance at each step along the way, I offer a variety of programs to support you

Elika helped me to work towards my goals by understanding my problems and helping me make the right food choices and balance other aspects of my life.

I lost 5kg since the beginning of the program and cut out gluten, but I also learned the importance of balance in every aspect of my life.

Elika is very kind and understanding and recommend working with her!

Thank you for opening my eyes to make the right food choices. I even managed to lost weight when I went on a 2 week holiday to USA, I feel so much better about myself!


If I had to sum up in one phrase what I got from my first one-on-one consultation with Elika, it would be, eye opening.
I consider myself an informed individual, but Elika was able to enlighten me on a few very basic things (scientifically and human backed) that altered my perspective on a number of things.

I have come away filled with the confidence not only to build my own nutrition and movement routine, but more importantly the confidence that I will be able to undertake and complete this program.
I genuinely look forward to the rest of the journey!


Elika has amazingly positive energy; and knowledge and insight within health, and creating and obtaining balance, that really stands out.


I was hesitant to hire Elika because opening up to someone takes effort.  I didn’t want to feel judged or to be seen as flawed. Once, I got over this, there was no turning back.

About Elika
Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Restauranteur & Food Consultant

Hi, I’m Elika

I’m so glad we are virtually connecting!

For nearly the last decade I’ve been taking a deep dive into what it truly means to live a healthier lifestyle that's manageable in a time-constrained world!

You have come to discover that health is truly wealth. This is one of the many ways I want to support you in the transformation of your health, your employees or your food establishment.

My vision simply is to assist transformation by living and sharing the lifestyle changes for optimal health.