Introducing The SoulFull Programme
The life-changing 30-day programme for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and career-focused individuals to align mind, body, and soul

Are you a business leader, entrepreneur, or career-driven individual? Using proven methods backed by science, I will give you the tools, knowledge, and support to build a leaner body, increase your energy levels, heighten mental clarity, and achieve balance in all areas of your life in just 30 days.

Are you fighting a constant battle to reconcile all areas of your life? Has your success in business come at the expense of your physical well-being or home life?

Do you worry that you'll never enjoy the body you desire, despite trying every new diet, workout trend or meditation quick fix that you hear about?

Are sleepless nights a common occurrence which in turn affects your mental well-being?

Do you find your energy levels are inconsistent? And you're so tired and overworked that there is no time or energy for anyone or anything else?

Wherever you sit on this burnout spectrum, you're not alone. 

These feelings are common among so many individuals who I work with.

And I'm here to share that it doesn't have to be this way. It is possible to design a lifestyle and nutrition plan that nourishes and energises the mind, body, and spirit.

I know this to be true because once upon a time, I experienced many of these issues, including extreme belly fat, burnout, constant fatigue, overwhelm, and insomnia.

I am living proof there is a better way. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You can create a balanced, happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. With a few key shifts, you will reclaim your energy, regain clarity, get leaner, and feel more in control of every aspect of your life.

Welcome to The SoulFull Programme:
increase your energy, heighten mental clarity and overcome weight challenges in 30 days 

This coaching programme is specifically designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and career-driven individuals who need to prioritise their health and seek balance across their personal and professional lives.

So you're professionally successful, congrats! But has this come at the expense of your health and well-being? If the answer is yes, this coaching programme is for you.

Over the course of 30 days, we will work together to create a balanced lifestyle that allows you to thrive at work and at home. You will experience what true health feels like. You will feel more energised than you have in years. You will let go of the frustrations and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your health and wellness goals. You will have a greater understanding and appreciation of your body. You will see things clearly and have the mental capacity to make better decisions. You will enhance your digestion, metabolism, and mood. You will feel excited about your future and be ready to step up to the next level of success.

Session by session, step by step, we are going to create the lifestyle you have always wanted, but never have the time or energy to think about.

Sound good to you?


Elika changed my way of approaching not just to food, but also to lifestyle.

She did it in a totally sustainable way and 18 months later I can still keep up with what she has taught me.

She tailors your plan into your life so the changes are subtle but long lasting.

I particularly liked her 80:20 rule so you never feel guilty about letting in a bit of the bad stuff!
I came to Elika after returning to work after five months' maternity leave with no energy, low on sleep and not believing that I could pull myself back together.

She didn't just help me to turn things round for myself and get back on track, but she taught me life long lessons of how to reenergise yourself and keep balance in your life.

Can't recommend her highly enough!"


"I would recommend Elika to people who are stuck in their career, or people who are busy with their career to notice anything else going round (bad habits which become worse over time)."

During your 30-day transformational coaching journey, you will:

Get back into shape. Reduce body fat by removing the build-up of toxins in your body by eliminating foods that are hard to digest, and eating more of the foods your body will love.


Regain your energy. We will identify where you are leaking energy in all aspects of your life, and re-establish balance to ensure your body is working optimally. 


Regain clarity and focus. We will return the body back to its natural sleep cycle, identify the correct Yin practices that nourish you, and allow your mind to restore itself improving your cognitive function. This will also significantly reduce anxiety.


Reset your hormones. A body that’s in tune with its natural reproductive cycles has balanced hormones. And this will prevent  your good intentions from being hi-jacked and sabotaged by hunger pangs.


Utilise your natural energy. You will identify your natural flow within work, relationships & your body. You will learn about the delicate balance between masculine and feminine energy.


See improvements in all your relationships.  When you can be present and think better the quality of your relationships improves.


Save time. Establish time-efficient habits that create the best results for overall well-being.

The 4-week programme: what we'll cover

Week 1: personalised nutrition 

We'll take a deep dive into your current diet, routine, and habits. Together, we'll introduce healthier alternatives, alleviate hunger pangs, and fuel your body with nutrient-dense, whole foods. We'll eliminate all the conflicting information you've spent a lifetime accumulating, and replace it with real, tailored knowledge about what works best for your body.

Week 2: personalised movement

We'll review your relationship with exercise and your current approach to fitness and, where necessary, we'll re-frame your mindset. The end goal is to create a personalised movement plan that is achievable and can fit into your lifestyle. Say goodbye to endless hours of being beasted in the gym or guilt if you miss a workout.

Week 3: work and relationships

True health is not just what we see on the outside. We'll identify the areas of your personal and professional life that are draining your energy reserves. And then fix them by providing you with the clarity and strategies to take control and make positive changes.

Week 4: mindfulness and self-care

Mental well-being and self-care are often the first things to suffer when the challenges of day-to-day life get in the way. We'll create a holistic plan that equips you with the tools to maintain balance and achieve long-term  wellness. You will learn proven strategies, tailored to your lifestyle that deliver results.


"The most significant change I saw was to shed weight with simple changes. Rational when faced with a problem and to close the door on negative thoughts."

This experience is for you if...

You are ready to feel lighter in your body, more energised, and confident in your skin


You feel that the foods you eat negatively impact your health


You are committed to taking actionable steps to create change and long-term healthy habits


You are looking for a process to remove toxins and detox


You would like a complete nutrition plan bursting with time-efficient, healthy meals


You would like a better understanding of the connection between what you eat and how it impacts your body


You would like customised guidance, accountability, and support


You would like to know how to tune into your own body's needs and learn how it communicates to you


You would like to gain more awareness of plant-based nutrition

You would like clear actionable feedback on how to get results

You would like to experience peace in your personal and professional life

How can you expect to feel?
Get ready to improve your energy, elevate your mindset and transform your life
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What clients say about The Soulfull Programme

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What attracted me to Elika is her breadth of knowledge and her holistic, more balanced approach to health overall. She not only focuses on nutrition, but also lifestyle. She talks about sustainable lifestyle changes, incorporating nutrition, sleep, supplementation, stress, work-life balance, everything really. So that someone can transform themselves and live their best life and feel optimal.

As a health care professional, Elika's approach resonates with me because I see this from a health care standpoint - no fads, no dieting. Everything that she puts forward I've found to have some scientific basis. It makes sense to me.


"I would describe Elika as a sounding board and a source of knowledge & insight on keeping fit & healthy. A source of inspiration & positivity. A guide and a pillar."


"Wow I still can't believe it! Thank you for this incredible journey, I feel like I have really grown."


The most significant change is my mindset towards food and health. In the past (and to be honest, when I first started this programme!) I would try various diets/workouts with the goal of just losing weight/fitting into my jeans! But my unhealthy relationship with food and exercise was still there. And since I never really change my relationship with food and fitness in the past, all these diets and crazy workouts were not sustainable and the weight would return eventually. Now my views on health are different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the programme start and finish?

The programme is self-paced and you have lifetime access to the course material.

Q: Do I need to exercise?

I do not like to consider exercise as a sustainable way to look at long-term health. Many of my clients have gruelling fitness plans that create havoc with their hormones, do not give them the space to love and connect with their bodies, and haven’t got a long-term realistic plan. Instead, we will assess your lifestyle demands and find out the realistic ways we can find movement for you every day that you love.

Q: What if I have travel plans?

A: My programme is designed to create habits that can become rituals that fit seamlessly into your life. Travel is a normal part of most of my client's lives, as are social gatherings that include food and drink and therefore the work we do together always has to be realistic to your needs. Ultimately we are co-creating a healthy lifestyle plan together.

Q: Will I have to cut out booze?

A: This answer is different for everyone. Many of my clients have had social engagements, holidays and gatherings where (like me) they feel comfortable drinking in moderation. Together we will find the right answer to this question for you.

Q: Can I eat all my favourite foods?

A: I focus on replacing processed food items rather than a restrictive mentality and a list of can't haves. A shopping list is provided for guidance on your favourite foods and I have created a 'swap list' which helps to consider alternatives. I work to educate my clients on genetic preferences, intolerances, hormones, and emotional behaviours that could be preventing them from feeling the best in their bodies. I do not believe in 100% perfection in everything and my clients find that my 80/20 approach to what they eat gives them flexibility for those times when indulgence is needed!

Q: Do I need to buy expensive healthy food?

A: There is no need to buy any supplements or additional premium health brands, the foods you eat can be purchased on the high street. Healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive if you source locally in-season produce. I give my clients all the insider tips from my chef life on how to create a budget-proof, high-end nutrition plan.

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: That depends on your goals and discipline. Not everyone will want to lose weight and the plan is intended to get the body working optimally through more energy. For most people that will result in fat loss, as you will be eating real food and working through every part of your lifestyle that's allowing you to leak energy. You will find weight loss is a bonus to working with me.

Q: Do I need to be a great cook?

A: No you don't. As someone who was a home cook before running a commercial kitchen, I teach you the best of both worlds, and how to use local, affordable ingredients to create fast and flavoursome meals.

Q: Is it suitable for vegans & vegetarians or people with strict dietary requirements?

A: As a plant-based chef with a flexitarian approach to my diet, I work with you to guide you on how to understand your body's needs intuitively so that you are able to decide which foods are serving you well.

During the programme you will be guided to become more connected to what you eat and how it makes you feel. Those with food allergies should not eat any known food allergens. You will also learn more about other foods that are creating imbalance. I also recommend that you consult your doctor on any questions you have about your current health concerns or requirements whilst on the program.

Qualified functional medicine doctors are highly recommended and can be also found at This programme is not designed for someone looking to cure a progressive or terminal disease.

Q: Can you guarantee I will get results?

A: If you take the actions we agree on during every module and use the support of the online community, you will get results. You will find this whole programme transformative.

Q: What happens after the 30 days?

A: Many of my clients continue to have maintenance sessions when they feel they need extra support, they stay connected within my online private groups to get wider community support or connect with me directly on my social media platforms.

Have another question?

If you have any questions or you just want to chat before deciding the next steps, I would love to hear from you. Contact me at and let's talk.

The SoulFull Programme includes:


30-Days of step-by-step guidance to reclaim your health, naturally boost your energy, develop greater confidence and cultivate inner calm. This is delivered through an online video series (you will be sent one 30-minute video, daily) that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Two hours of 1:1 coaching to support your transformation

Access to a support and accountability network of other like-minded participants dedicated to growth and transformation


The pre-assessment questionnaire to identify your baseline and establish your goals


Elika's shopping list that can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements


The 'swap list' guide to healthy alternatives and food swaps that will support you in achieving your goals


Recipe cards featuring my signature favourite recipes


Weight loss 'bonus sheet'. Additional guidance if weight loss is one of your core goals


48-hour replies during office hours. You will receive constant support and have the option to ask Elika anything as you move through the programme.

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And, if you don't feel this programme will get you the results at the end of the first five days, just let us know within the 24 hours of completion of this time, sending your completed handouts and we'll send you a prompt refund. Please send your request to
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