The Good Gut Guide:
10 Day Path to
Optimal Nutrition
Heal your gut, increase your metabolism and customise your nutrition within 10 days without counting calories, starving or exercise.

Join Food Rebel, Elika Tasker, In This Step-By-Step Video Guide To Jumpstart Your Journey To Optimal Nutrition

Are you feeling that your body is not in its optimal state? Lacking energy? Feeling bloated or heavy – no matter what diets you follow?

When the body works optimally we have high amounts of energy. We have clarity & do not suffer from brain fog at various points throughout the day.

In addition, our skin is bright and clear, we feel lighter and we're able to digest our food well without bloating or gas.

A 10-day revamp can help you to connect the dots to uncover how different foods influence how you feel.

A common example of this is the awareness of feeling more alert after drinking coffee.

An understanding of how one diet doesn't fit all and the ability to customise your decisions to healthy options that work for your body & lifestyle.

The knowledge of how to build a sustainable long term approach without a 'quick fix' diet.

Everyone should get to know what it feels like with their body in its optimal state. This program is designed to reset bad habits so you can start your journey to a healthy sustainable life.

In this 10 Day Path to
Optimal Nutrition, you will:


Get back into shape!  Reducing body fat by removing toxins that have build up in the body is a result of eating the right foods and eliminating poorly digesting foods for your body.


Get your energy back! When we remove barriers to the body being able to function we return the body back to balance and the body can work optimally.


Get clarity and focus! We return the body back to its natural sleep cycles and allow the mind to restore so we can improve your cognitive function


Reset your hormones! A body that’s in tune with its natural cycles has balanced hormones, we are not hi-jacked by hunger hormones that sabotage willpower.


Save time! Have time-efficient habits that create the most results for overall well being.

This is for you ...

If you feel that the foods that you eat are causing a problem to your health

If you are ready to take actionable steps to create change and create healthy habits

If you are ready to feel lighter in your body, more energised and confident in your skin and need to know how to get there

If you are looking for a process to remove toxins ie the process of detox so you can kickstart healthy habits

If you would like a starting point to correct nutrition

If you would like a better understanding of the connection between what you eat and how it impacts your body

If you would like to learn more about how to prepare healthy foods

If you are not likely to be travelling for the majority of the 10 days

If you are short for time and need a program that can give you daily steps

If you would like to be part of an online community, have access to health coaching and more awareness of plant-based nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have to cut out booze?

A: If you cant do 10 days without any alcohol that’s exactly why you may need to do it, but clients that have had social engagements and drank clear spirits with fresh lime & soda and still got results. As alcohol is considered a toxin the best result will come from no alcohol.

Q: Can I eat all my favourite foods?

A: We focus on the replacement of processed food items rather than a restrictive mentality of a list of 'can't haves. We provide a 'swap list' which helps to consider alternatives

Q: Do I need to buy expensive healthy food?

A: There is no need to buy any supplements or additional premium health brands, the foods you eat can be purchased on the high street. Healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive if you source locally 'in season' produce. For eg, if you are in the tropics and are eating mangos & coconuts this is inexpensive but in the same place, you could be trying to eat strawberries & blueberries that have been imported and are therefore an extortionate price, not to mention have lost nutrient value in their transit.

Q: What is the purpose of the plan?

A: To allow the gut to heal by removing foods that slowly damage the delicate balance of microbes that support our body. Good health starts in the gut!  We will allow the body to detox through the abundance of foods that allow the removal of toxins naturally, whilst checking the bodies intolerance to food items that can create ill health. As you start creating new sustainable habits you will have the awareness of what foods are creating an imbalance for you. It’s for time-constrained individuals that ultimately want to kickstart to healthier habits.

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: That all depends on your goal & discipline.  Not everyone will want to lose weight and the plan is intended to get the body working optimally through more energy. For most people that will result in fat loss but as you will be eating real food we will not be counting calories (although I do recommend keeping a food diary..try the myfitnesspal app) or looking at portion control but you will need to eat until you are full and I teach you to understand when that really is and the program will help to balance hormones that sabotage your willpower

Q: What happens after the 10 days?

A: Having given your body an abundance of foods the body loves, you can now start to enjoy these foods as part of your everyday diet. The reset should be something that you can achieve sustainably with small tweaks to fit within your lifestyle. You will have more energy, feel lighter and have a better understanding of how your foods are impacting how you feel.  I would also highly recommend you book a session directly with me to create a long term plan.

Q: Do I need to be a great cook?

A: No you don't, if you complete the steps to the best you can, you will be able to eat food made from outside as well, but preparation is a great tool for healthy eating as is knowing where your food comes from. So I provide a shopping list, recipe guides and a support group for inspiration.

Q: Is it suitable for vegans & vegetarians or people with strict dietary requirements?

A: As a plant-based chef with a flexitarian approach to my diet,  I created the program on a plant-based diet allowing for flexibility on the shopping list to add high-quality animal products for you to adapt if that’s your choice over the 10 days. The recipes have been created with this in mind, therefore vegans & vegetarians will have no problem. During the program you will be guided to become more connected to what you eat and how it makes you feel, those with food allergies should not eat any food they are allergic to and will also learn more about those other foods that are creating imbalance. I also recommend that you consult your doctor on any questions you have around your current health concerns or requirements whilst on the program. Qualified functional medicine doctors are highly recommended and can be also found at This program is not designed for someone looking to cure a progressive or terminal disease. 

Q: Can you guarantee I will get results?

A: If you take the actions that we will agree in every session that are realistic and use my social media as additional support you will get results. You will find this whole program transformative. I have a ton of resources available online, videos that show my style of education and my beliefs, my website that covers my nutrition recipes and informative blogs. This gives you an insight into how I approach nutrition and coaching. As everyone truly knows, what you put in is what you get out.

Meet Your Food Rebel, Elika Tasker

Hi I'm Elika and I have personally learnt over 50 dietary theories and tried most of them!

I was a working professional that used all the natural stimulants to get my energy hit (namely: alcohol, sugar & processed food) and developed PCOS, stubborn body fat, adrenal fatigue and liver damage whilst juggling my work targets in a sales-driven environment.

For nearly a decade I have worked as a Health & Nutrition Coach, then Food Consultant & Restaurateur. I opened the leading organic restaurant in Singapore and sold it successfully after 5 years.

I work with multi-national organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Marsh McLennan, McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, Goldman Sachs to teach their teams and people all over the world to curate their own healthy lifestyle changes and implement realistic solutions to allow them to thrive.  I have been featured in Channel News Asia, Timeout magazine & Cuisine & Dine. I was listed in Singapore's 10 most influential people in health and fitness aged 40 and under.

My transformational work with individuals and companies is at the heart of what I do for those struggling with time!

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The most affordable nutrition step you can make!

The Good Guide: 10 Day Path to Optimal Nutrition is one of my most valuable nutrition programs. I want to make this information accessible to all and I don't want finances to be an obstacle. Hence the great pricing. 

The catch? Absolutely none at all.

Please simply take the actions each day to jumpstart your journey to optimal health. Let's boost collective health now!

The Good Gut Guide
10 Day Path to
Optimal Nutrition
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The Gut Health guide
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Quick 'swap list' guide
Recipe cards
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Weight loss 'Bonus Sheet'
Wellness resources guide
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BONUS: Live Q&A where you can ask all of your gut related questions

Let's get your body in its optimal state.

The Good Gut Guide: 10 Day Path to Optimal Nutrition is one of my starter nutrition products. I want to support you to optimise your health immediately and I don't want finances to be an issue for anyone. Hence this great value pricing.

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  • Quick 'swap list' guide
  • Recipe cards 
  • Q&A Fact Sheet
  • Weight loss 'Bonus Sheet'
  • Wellness resources guide
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