The Immune-Boosting
Pantry Makeover 
Create your ultimate health pantry, stocked with nutritious foods that make quick and easy meals that you love - without loads of expensive health foods that you won’t use. 

Experience my Pantry Plate System that allows easy recipe creation, less anxiety around cooking and foods that provide high energy!

Is it possible to go from a confused, uninspired bland pantry to a well informed nutritious, health-inspired sanctuary in 1-hour without a ton of expensive healthy items you won't use?

Do you feel like you need some inspiration for your cupboards? ... you buy healthy foods but they end up not getting used, creating a ton of food waste.

Do you often waste time staring at nutrition labels? ... eating foods you enjoy is important to you and not bland, tasteless salads, but when you read labels it's confusing and you wonder what are the essential staples you need.

Do you feel like it’s expensive to buy the foods that are good for your health? … instead it's easier to eat out or order takeaway at least then you save the time and money.

These are common feelings you may find yourself in, you're not alone!

You are a time-constrained individual who is juggling work, family commitments & self-care.

You want to have a purpose in your life

You have been told to follow strict diets & clean up your diet

But you have no idea what foods will optimise your energy, how to make great swaps to get better nutrition and to remove overwhelm so you don't waste a lot of money on expensive health ingredients you can't use

You know if you had all the right foods that you love, you could be more present in your relationships, you could do more with your evenings & weekends, you would wake up with an excitement for life and you would feel confident in your body.

I’m excited to take you on that journey by giving you a resourceful pantry that saves time, cost and brings confidence to a once overwhelmed you!

What We'll Cover;

  • Whole foods vs processed foods
  • Hands on reading ingredients labels in the fridge & cupboards
  • Different dietary needs, keto/low carb, AIP, vegan, wholefoods, gluten free
  • Sourcing of ingredients
  • Creating recipes and meal plans
  • Using the pantry plate system

People that worked with me previously were thinking;

  • It won’t work for me because my household has different needs
  • If it was that simple, everyone would have perfectly stocked cupboards
  • How is this different from previous nutrition advice that I have received?

Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before:

My Pantry Plate System begins by 

✔️ first by working on the foods that are causing the greatest sabotage to your health, by providing you with swaps rather than a list of what you can't eat

🚫 Other diets & plans - work on just the healthy foods without customisation to your cultural, ancestral & genetic preferences

✔️ Mine - Works on the lifestyle choices

🚫 Others - Are focused on what diet trend is in

✔️ Mine - Systematic education, guidance & resources to implement immediately in your kitchen

🚫 Others - Are theory based with no allowance for your personal needs

✔️ Mine - Works on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing 

🚫 Others - Works only on the physical

✔️ Mine  - You will learn by working with me why customisation is key to having an approach that works!

In this Pantry Makeover
you will:

Remove the toxic ingredients from your pantry that are sabotaging your energy levels


Learn how the food industry is creating addictive foods that make you sick


Receive a personalised approach to stocking your pantry with the foods that you love


Have a ton of ideas for simple meals and replacements for those creating ill health. 


"Elika changed my way of approaching not just food but also lifestyle. She did it in a totally sustainable way.
Can't recommend her highly enough.

How Can You Expect To Feel?

"I would describe Elika as a sounding board and a source of knowledge & insight on keeping fit & healthy. A source of inspiration & positivity. A guide and a pillar."


"The most significant change I saw was to shed weight with simple changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take?

A: This is a 1-hour session, time can be booked for further sessions

Q: Do I need to throw away my existing stock?

A: I aim to personalise your pantry around the foods you love so no need to throw away food as being informed on what you have, and if that supports your body, is part of the plan. Suggestions can be made on what to do with any foods you no longer want to keep.

Q: What if I have a family?

A: This is why my programs are different. Personalisation is key to what I do. Every person has different nutritional requirements, lifestyle choices and commitments. Taking these into consideration is always at my approach

Q: Will I have to cut out booze?

A: This answer is different for everyone. Many of my clients have social engagements, holidays and gatherings where (like me) they feel comfortable drinking in moderation. Together we will find the right answer to this question for you!

Q: Can I eat all my favourite foods?

A: I focus on the replacement of processed food items rather than a restrictive mentality of a list of “can't haves”. A shopping list is provided so you can have guidance on your favourite foods. I have created a 'swap list' which helps to consider alternatives if we believe any items are disrupting your overall goals. I work to educate my clients on genetic preferences, intolerances, hormones and emotional behaviours they have that could be preventing them from feeling the best in their body. I do not believe in 100% perfection in everything and my clients find that my 80/20 approach to what they eat gives them flexibility for those times where you want to indulge.

Q: Do I need to buy expensive healthy food?

A: There is no need to buy any supplements or additional premium health brands, the foods you eat can be purchased on the high street. Healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive if you source locally 'in season' produce. For example, if you are in the tropics and are eating mangos and coconuts this is inexpensive. But if you decide to eat strawberries or blueberries that have been imported this will be expensive. Additionally, they will have lost their nutritional value during transit. I give my clients all the ‘insider tips’ from my life as a chef on how to create a budget proof, high-end nutrition plan.

Q: What is the purpose of the plan?

A: Creating a pantry full of foods that support your health goals, fills you with excitement and avoid confusion and wastage. 

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: That all depends on your goals & discipline.  Not everyone will want to lose weight, and the main focus of the experience is to fuel your body more optimally. As you will be eating real food, you will find weight loss is a bonus to working with me.

Q: Do I need to be a great cook?

A: No you don't. As someone who was a home cook before running a commercial kitchen, I teach you the best of both worlds, how to use local, affordable ingredients to create fast and flavoursome meals.

Q: Is it suitable for vegans & vegetarians or people with strict dietary requirements?

A: As a plant-based chef with a flexitarian approach to my diet,  I work with you to guide you on how to understand your body's needs so intuitively that you can decide which foods are serving you well. I have also transformed a ton of resources and research into smaller manageable information so that you can make informed decisions on what diet choices are best for you. 

In this experience, you will be guided to become more connected to what you eat and how it makes you feel. Those with food allergies should not eat any food they are allergic to and you will also learn more about foods that are creating an imbalance in your diet. I also recommend that you consult your doctor on any questions you have around your current health concerns or requirements.
Qualified functional medicine doctors are highly recommended and can be also found at

Q: Do you do at home visits?

A: If you are based in Singapore or I am visiting your country this is available. Do contact me directly for pricing.

Have another question?

If you have any questions or you just want to talk to me about deciding what to do next, then I would love to hear from you at and let's talk.

The Immune-Boosting Pantry Makeover  
Create your ultimate health pantry, stocked with nutritious foods that make quick and easy meals that you love - without loads of expensive health foods that you won’t use. 


The Pre-Assessment Quiz


1-hour consultation & review via Zoom
Makeover guidance including Elika’s Signature Pantry Plate


Customised nutrition education


Guidance on lifestyle, genetic & ancestral foods


Chef tips to give you time & cost-saving solutions


Elika's Nutrition Guide & Shopping List


A Quick 'Swap List' Guide


Recipes cards & 7-day Meal Planner


Superfoods & Adaptogens Guide


Smoothie Makeover Guide


Weight-loss Bonus Sheet


Elika’s group support

Meet Your Food Rebel, Elika Tasker

Certified Health Coach & Nutritionist & Restaurateur 

I am Elika Tasker and I have personally learnt over 50 dietary theories and tried most of them!

I was a working professional that used all the natural stimulants to get my energy hit (namely: alcohol, sugar & processed food) and developed PCOS, stubborn body fat, adrenal fatigue and liver damage whilst juggling my work targets in a sales-driven environment.

For nearly a decade I have worked as a Health & Nutrition Coach, then Food Consultant & Restaurateur. I opened the leading organic restaurant in Singapore and sold it successfully after 5 years.

I work with multi-national organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Marsh McLennan, McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, Goldman Sachs to teach their teams and people all over the world to curate their own healthy lifestyle changes and implement realistic solutions to allow them to thrive.  I have been featured in Channel News Asia, Timeout magazine & Cuisine & Dine. I was listed in Singapore's 10 most influential people in health and fitness aged 40 and under.

My transformational work with individuals and companies is at the heart of what I do for those struggling with time!

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The Pantry Makeover

Featuring Elika’s Signature Pantry Plate System

The Pre-Assessment Quiz 

1 hour consulting & review via zoom 

Customised nutrition education

Guidance on lifestyle, genetic & ancestral foods

Chef tips to give you time & cost-saving solutions

Elika's Nutrition guide & Shopping List

A quick 'swap list' guide

Recipes cards & 7-day meal planner

Superfoods & adaptogens guide

Smoothie makeover guide

Weight-loss bonus sheet

Elika’s group support

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